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Eczema: Common Trigger Factors to Avoid
Eczema flare-ups are caused by several factors. Until sufferers are able to determine and avoid their trigger factors, itching and painful rashes will always be an issue. Luckily, medical professionals have developed a list of common trigger factors. These factors, a few of which are outlined below, may be the cause of your uncontrollable scratching.

Eczema Trigger Factor #1 - Skin Irritants
The phrase "skin irritants," cover a wide range of items. Basically, anything unnatural that comes in close contact to the skin has the potential to be a skin irritant. Common examples include laundry detergent, scented lotions, makeup, perfume, and wool clothes. If you feel the urge to itch not long after putting on your clothes or undergoing your daily routine, skin irritants may be your eczema cause. To determine if so, make the switch. If you itch while wearing wool, opt for cotton clothes instead. If your hands and face itch after applying makeup, go without for a few days to look for an improvement. If you suspect your laundry detergent is to blame, opt for a low or free chemical detergent instead.

If you make the necessary changes and no longer feel the need to itch, you have not only determined your eczema trigger factor, but learned how to successful avoid another outbreak.

Eczema Trigger Factor #2 - Food
Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine if food is the cause of your eczema outbreaks. Most experts turn to food when no other cause is found. Although any food in your diet can lead to the uncontrollable urge to itch, there are some common food trigger factors. Milk, wheat, seafood, eggs, and peanuts are usually to blame. If you notice an itching outbreak following the consumption of these foods, begin eliminating them from your diet.

If you believe a certain food causes your eczema outbreaks, eliminate it from your diet. This can be difficult if it is a favorite of yours, but think of the long term benefits. No more uncontrollable itching that leads to open wounds, decreasing the risk of skin infections.

Eczema Trigger Factor #3 - Allergens
Whether indoor or outdoors, air-borne allergens are present. They are a common cause of eczema outbreaks. A patient who finds themselves scratching away at their skin may have just dusted or vacuumed their home. The itching is due to the skin contact made by the dust. Mold and dander from pets are other common causes too. If you suspect these cause your eczema flare-ups, eliminate them as an issue. If dust is the problem, don't avoid dusting or vacuuming your home. Instead, wear long clothing and protective gear when doing so. Overcoming eczema means addressing the causes and working around them.

The above mentioned eczema trigger factors are some of the most common reasons for the uncontrollable urge to itch.

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